Scientist of the Week!


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Jay, first grade, is our EHGEMS Scientist of the Month! He has worked on four science projects outside the school day!


Water questions and experiments; where did the water go? Mckenzie & Chelsey, grade 2

Plant life cycles; growing beans to eat! Kai, grade 2

Bird nest found, examined and returned to the bush for birds to use next spring! Merick, grade 1

Experimenting with gravity and friction! Caeley, grade 1

Experimenting with ice! Emily, Grade K

Materials will be recycled from the existing building on our new school site, Trevor, Grade 3

Parachute Testing, Kai, grade two

Greg drew a detailed picture of a spider and identified the spider in a field guide!

Kai is experimenting with parachutes! He is trying different size parachutes to see which one works best to slow down a Lego Guy!

Sara is an author or two science books; Earth and Frogs!

Victoria uses a field guide to find out what spider made this intricate spider web that was sprayed and placed underglass in a frame. It was an orb-weaver; it may have been called a Garden Spider!

Kai experiments with “soda explosion power” to make the boat he designed zoom across the water! See his U-tube video and try this in a bathtub near you!

Astronomers Alexis and Brandon

Alexis and Brandon Hammond took this fantastic photo of Jupiter through a telescope on Sept. 20, 2010 from Veterns Memorial Park. Brandon described what he saw through the telescope as a “golf ball”. Lexi said it looked as though it was sand paper.

Blaise, grade 4, builds a robot-bug at home!


Elena makes her own paper from recycled newspaper!

Genieve, grade K, builds an invention and uses her own microscope!

Tam, grade 3, experiments with making recycled paper after learning the technique in the science lab!

Claire & Connor

First & Third Grade

Sister & brother scientists measured the dissolving rate of bathtub fizzy-color tablets! They also observed the color difference between one tablet and two tablets dissolved in water. What a team!


Second grade

Keyanna loves to learn about planets in the solar system! You can see from the research and drawing Keyanna did at home that she loves rocket ships and robots too! After hearing about Mars and the Mars Rovers from our NASA scientist friend, Keyanna, now wants to learn even more about the planet Mars!



Rufus made an interesting model at home of the Artic Ocean and learned about the animals that live in this cold climate! He told his classmates how the animals had survived in the cold water!


  1. How do such young kids make such intresting things.
    Keep Learning,
    Mrs. Ranger

  2. Congratulations Super Student Scientists!

    I always enjoy working with the amazing students of EHGEMS 🙂

    The Summer of Innovation will be upon us quicker that you can imagine. Fifth graders preparing for the middle grades will need to keep their inquiring ears and eyes alert for any opportunities that may become available this June through August in Connecticut.

    Keep up your search for clues to nature’s many mysteries.

  3. I love the pic of Victoria ! and of course all the other little scientist as well.

    Cindy Rho

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