Field Trips-Events

SAVE THE DATE: 11/18/16, 6-8pm

GEHMS Field Trips and Special Events 2016-2017

9/22/16  9am-3:15pm 5M 5Y Long Island Sound trip

9/27/16, 9/28/16, 9/30/16  Gr. 4 Pond Trip

9/29/16- All Gr. K, JB Williams Park, Glastonbury

10/14/16, 1o/17/16  grade 1 Belltown Orchard, Glastonbury

11/8/16 -All Gr. 1, Mystic Aquarium, Mystic

11/8/16- Gr. KR, Pet Co, Glastonbury

11/15/16-Grade  KF,  Pet Co, Glastonbury

11/16/16-Grade  KC, Pet Co, Glastonbury

12/2/16- Grade 2, CT Science Center, Hartford

11/18/16-  6:30-8:30 pm ALL School – Family Science Night!

1/31 – 2/6/17- All School – Take Apart Labs -1.5 hr. sessions (SCHEDULE TO FOLLOW)


TBA- gr. 2, NW Park, Maple Sugaring


4/18/17- 1S, 9:15-11:30am, Penfield Farm, Portland (bring home fertile chick eggs to raise)

4//19- 1M, 9:15-11:30am, Penfield Farm, Portland (bring home fertile chick eggs to raise)

4/20/17- 1P, 9:15-11:30am, Penfield Farm, Portland (bring home fertile chick eggs to raise)

– Gr. 3R Geology Trip, Simpson Quarry, Glast.

(Directions to Simpson Quarry, South Glastonbury:-Follow Rt. 17, Main St., Glastonbury toward Portland.-Take first left, Michelle Drive, after Old Maids Lane, S. Glastonbury-Follow MIchelle Drive to end of road and park.-Trail to quarry is located to left of embankment on “new” road)

– Gr. 3G Geology Trip,Simpson Quarry, Glast.

– Gr. 3Y Geology Trip, Glastonbury

5/2/17 (Raindate: 5/3/17)- Gr5, Long Island Sound Field Study Trip, Hammonasset State Park

Black ledge River trip-Release Brown Trout into river

(Directions to site: Loyal Order of Moose Lodge, 303 S Main St, Marlborough, CT 06447 River site is across the street from this building. Look for a large, gravel parking area large enough for a school bus and several cars. Walk to end of parking area to see the river)

5/- grade 4, Blackledge River trip

5/-grade 4, Blackledge River Trip

6/ –  ALL School Boat Regatta (schedule to follow)

—Local Schoolyard Environmental Studies – Plants and Seasonal Studies

Grade 5- Animal & Plant Care Lab Assistants

Student Weather Reporters; daily weather reports, video and

and Special Projects


EHGEMS PK-5 CORE Science Curriculum Topic Matrix

Full curriculum goals and concepts can be found:

Aug. -Oct. Nov. -Jan. Jan.-April April -June
PK and K Earth’s Amazing Animals!Diversity in Living and Non-living Things Standard K.2 Matter: Using Senses to Explore the world!Standard K.1 Engineers at Work!Building Shelters; Animals & PeopleStandard K.4 Weather ReportersPint-size Physics!Standard K.3
1 Form and Function: Survival on Land, Air, Se!aStandard 1.2 Sun and ShadowsForces & MotionStandard 1.1 Measuring Madness!Standard 1.4 Living Things: Life Cycles – What grows on a farm?Standard 1.3
2 Botany: Plants Scientists at Work!Standard 2.2
Matter: Solids, Liquids, Gases – Earth & SpaceStandard 2.1
Nutrition: Science in a shopping cartStandard 2.4 Properties of Soils:Growing the best Salad!Standard 2.3
3 Habitats: Animal & Plant Adaptations-Arthropod Olympics!:Standard 3.2 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”Lead the Way!”Standard 3.4
Scientists Experiment with Properties of MatterEarth & SpaceStandard 3.1
Rocks Tell a Story:Rock & Mineral CyclesStandard 3.3
4 Energy in an Ecosystem:Ponds, rivers, fields, forestStandard 4.2 Force and Motion: Air, Land, SeaEarth, Mars & BeyondStandard 4.1 Electricity & Magnets”You Light Up My Life: Electrical Inventions ”Standard 4.4 Rivers & Erosion/Water Cycle Standard 4.3
5 Long Island Sound Study Sensory Pathways: Animals Standard 5.2 Sound & Light”Lights, Camera, Action!”Standard 5.1 Astronomy:Earth – Sun – Moon ConnectionStandards 5.3, 5.4 Long Island Sound invasive species study and Independent Experiments


  1. I noticed the Regatta was rescheduled to 2 days, any details on how that will work? Is it 2 half days (if so, when to when) or some grades on 1 day and the rest on the second day? Or is the second day the rain date?

    • Hi, I will post the schedule for all classes today. We will need volunteers for every class. Each class will participate for one half hour. The event takes place outside the cafe under the overhang. Thank you for the question!

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