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Thank you to all of our parent volunteers (Ms. Mayfield shown here) who help our EHGEMS students use our science lab weather station to report the daily weather!

New Weather Reporters from EHGEMS reporting to

All Cloudy, 48 degrees

11/9/10 , All Cloudy, 44 degrees

11/8/10 FIRST SNOWFALL OF THE YEAR, 38 Degrees!

All Cloudy, Temperature 48 Degrees

11/4/10 Rainy Today, Temperature 40 Degrees

Kindergarten meteorologists report the weather with the help of our wonderful parent volunteers!


October 12, 2010

EHGEMS Grade Five weather reports

Student Weather Projects:

Also Reporting:

Weather at EHGEMS – 9:15am

Kindergarten Meteorologists:

January 14, 2010

Date: 12/18/2009


Observers: S.J., A.C., J.F., M.L.


Precipitation: 0

Temperature:  18 degrees F

11/24/09 – 9:15am – Temperature  46 degrees with cloudy skies

Weather Reporters!


Observers: Cole, Maddy, Manuel, Rilee


Precipitation: 0

Temperature:  40 degrees F

3/15/10 K Weather Report: 40 degrees F, Rainy and Cloudy Today


  1. So what is the weather
    Mrs. Ranger
    Keep on Learning

  2. How’s the weather at EHGEMS?
    We need an update!

    There must be a lot of changes since 3/15/10!
    Make observations and tell us about the changes you see outside!

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