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“Science Lab for Kids” is a unique science place and website for young children to explore the world around them. This website reflects the higher level, creative thinking, authentic learning and problem-solving that takes place every day in the “Glastonbury E. Hartford Magnet School Science Lab for Young Children.”

Donna Rand, science specialist, has taken science for kids to great heights; from twice floating student experiments in NASA’s Micro-gravity Aircraft over the Gulf of Mexico to helping expand state-wide science opportunities for children through Magnet Schools, NASA, the Talcott Mt. Science Center, Connecticut Invention Convention and the National Sea Grant Program.

In addition, Rand’s science program and website strive to capture the imagination of young children (and enthusiastic adults) as they share the excitement of learning science. For the youngest children and the “young at heart,” enthusiasm for science begins with “behind-the-scene” adventures of  “Fluffy the Science Dog” as she goes “where no science dog has gone before!”

Donna Rand
2008 Teacher of the Year

“Congratulations, Donna Rand!” video:

2012 Recognized by NASA for her work with students in Science Technology Engineering and Math education

2011 Recognition from the Connecticut State Legislation for inspiring invention and innovation in students

2010 Connecticut Science Teacher of the Year, CT Science Teachers Association

2008 Teacher of the Year; Capitol Region Education Council
2008 Teacher of the Year Semi-finalist, Connecticut Teacher of the Year

Before coming to the Glastonbury E. Hartford Magnet School Rand taught for many years at the Talcott Mountain Science Center for Student Involvement in Avon, CT. She eventually became the first Head of School the Talcott Mountain Academy of Science and Mathematics, a school for gifted and talented students in science and math.

Donna has also taught courses at St. Joseph College and presented teacher workshops in science and gifted education around the country. In addition she has worked with the National Science Foundation as a Co-Principal Investigator and teacher,  with ”NSF Project Parity” to increase participation of young urban, suburban and rural girls in science.

Active in state and regional science education, Rand presently volunteers as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Talcott Mountain Science Center and the Connecticut Invention Convention. She is also involved in the MIT Network of Science Educators and the Connecticut Sea Grant Program.

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  1. Dear Sirs,

    I am a reporter with the Reminder News newspaper in Connecticut. I am doing a story on the four teachers from Eadt hartford/Hartford that went on a microgravity flight in late February. The news paper would like permission to use some of the photos NASA took to accompany the article. Who would get the photo credit?

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Al Hemingway
    Freelance Reporter

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