Posted by: D. Rand | May 19, 2016

Brown Trout Released into Blackledge River!


Good-bye trout…enjoy the cool temperatures, good food, shelter, shade, and clean water! This is your home!



Looking to see what the trout will eat for lunch!


  1. Thumbs up!!!!
    How wonderful! Congratulations on yet another successful trout release! This has to be one of the most rewarding class projects! From the get-go, you are scientists, you are parents of these trout eggs, learning about fresh water habitats, creating an ideal indoor environment for the eggs to hatch. You know it’s pretty hard to duplicate nature!

    Then, as the fish go through changes and grow, you continue to learn how to keep the fish sustained until it is time to release. Learning the chemistry of the water, amounts of food to feed, conducting water changes and keeping a constant water temperature are all integral to having success!

    Congratulations 4th Graders and teachers!
    May ” trout in the classroom ” and the many other science projects continue to teach students about the wonderful world around them!

    Your animal loving friend,
    Mrs. Brunette

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