Posted by: D. Rand | June 5, 2014

Engineers Get Ready for 19th Annual Boat Regatta!

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Will my boat survive choppy water? Can my boat sail using the power of wind? Can I design a boat to hold the most weight? These are some of the questions student engineers are working on in the GEMS science lab!

Every student in the school is designing and building a boat made out of recycled materials to enter in the GEMS Annual Boat Regatta! Students are also thinking of “cool names” for their boats!

Kid-size swimming pools will be set up outside on June 16 and 17 to test, repair, change and redesign their boats!

Volunteers are needed on June 16 and 17! Contact Donna Rand if you can help.

19th Annual Boat Regatta Schedule:

June 16th

9:25-9:55am       1 Cordova

10:30-11am         K Rau & K Fagan

11:05-11:35am   2 Raffalo

12:30-1pm           K Green

1:10-1:40pm       3 Young & 3 Menon

1:45-2:15              2 Berent

2:15-2:45pm       2 Gosselin


9:25-9:15              PK Shoenfield & 4 Garbart

10-10:30am         4 Saunders & 1 Peach

10:35-11:05         PK Kollmer & PK Sullivan

1:10-1:40pm       3 Lewis

2-2:30pm             1 Mroz & 5 Moore

2:30-3pm             5 Yencho

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