Posted by: D. Rand | September 30, 2013

Get Ready for the Arthropod Olympics!

Third grade scientists and engineers are getting ready for the GEMS Annual Arthropod Olympics! Students are busy finding arthropods around the school and at home and keeping them healthy until the big event. Soon these tiny contestants will be able to step up to the challenges awaiting them.

Students have selected an adaptation and developed a question they would like to find out about their arthropods on Olympic Day! They are now working in the science lab to design and engineer the individual events for challenges such as “How far can an arthropod climb, run or hop in one minute?”


  1. In my group we just finished building the Bug Olympic event. Our question is “How far can a cricket move in an obstacle course for one minute?” 3M students

    • How did you build your event? What does it look like?

  2. We can’t wait until October 11th to unveil our events and determine the winners!

    • Good luck to all your students collecting and caring for arthropods to get ready for the Olympics!

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