Posted by: D. Rand | March 30, 2013

Family Invention Share Night Draws Record Crowd!

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Smiling and proud student engineers share their inventions to solve every-day problems during the GEMS Annual Family Invention Share Night!

A record crowd turned out for the event! Students had the opportunity to share their ideas for inventions they designed and engineered during the school day in the school science lab to families and friends. “I need one of those!” could be heard as people looked at inventions and spoke with the student inventors. Innovative ideas could be seen everywhere; inventions to save water or energy, keep people organized, care for pets, even low-cost toys that work in space were on display throughout the school.

Pre-school students “showed-off” their inventions to solve their lunchtime problem of keeping silverware and napkins in place. Kindergarten scientists engineered their own musical instruments and gave a performance of “You are My Sunshine!” to a delighted crowd.

The GEMS Museum of Old-Fashion Inventions also attracted attention as young students tried to operate a dial phone or one of the first cell phones. One of the first Apple computers and laptop computers and video cameras brought smiles to parents and grandparents!

Answers to the “Guess the Gadget Challenge”: A soap saver, a phonograph record cleaner, a soda can cap, a track-ball mouse, a portable CD player.


  1. It was wonderful to get a chance to judge and view all the wonderful inventions at GEMS! The future of inventing looks so bright!

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