Posted by: D. Rand | April 9, 2012

Live Virtual Appearance: Astronaut Clay Anderson gives hints to help student inventors grow food in space!

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Second grade scientists have started designing and engineering special plant growth chambers they hope someday may be used by astronauts to grow food in space. Astronaut Clay Anderson spoke to students via Skype on Wednesday morning. He gave them some big hints to help them with their inventions:

  1. Do not give the plants too much water!
  2. Water the plants less often!

Apparently when Astronaut Anderson lived aboard the International Space Station for six months he did what scientist told him to do but that meant giving them too much water and thus he had a moldy mess instead of fresh tomatoes!

Now NASA is counting on you! Kids, get thinking and building! No time to waste!


  1. Great blog for experiments! Think many science teachers will appreciate this experiment blog! Porbably will try this myself you have inspired me to start my own blog! I’ve also posted some experiments for teachers to try and to experiment! Go Science!

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