Posted by: D. Rand | March 28, 2012

Toys and Me in Zero-G!

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Science is fun!  The first step in realizing a dream is to picture yourself there!

Students are busy doing follow-up experiments and activities after viewing the exciting NASA GEMS Flight Video with Fluffy the Science Dog and three of their teachers!

After watching the premier video of three GEMS teachers flying aboard the NASA Zero-G aircraft,kindergarten and first grade students drew pictures of themselves, cut out the drawings and pasted them to a photo of the inside of the NASA Zero-G aircraft. “This is so much fun,” said Jenna! “I am a Micro-G girl!”, smiled Emily! 

Older students experimented with toys such as parachutes, yo-yos, ball and cup games, slinkies and Fluffy the Science Dog launchers in the science lab under 1g conditions. They recorded the results and compared them to their observations of the toys brought up in the Zero-G aircraft under microgravity conditions. “Look at Flufy’s ears float up; she looks like a bunny! Look at Ms. Raffalo and Ms. Wilson’s hair floating! I guess it is hard to yo-yo in space…it just keeps on going!

Fifth grade scientists analyzed the data from the video tape and were surprised by the viscosity experiments. The bubbles motion ina  liquid and the cork and water experiments were voted the most amazing! Everyone had expected the cork to remain floating on top of the water in micorgravity.

How do we answer questions that take us off the earth? What happens to objects and liquids in microgravity? How do you describe the motion of moving toys? How do you keep experiments fair? How do you tell people what you learned in your experiments?

Students who keep asking questions, experimenting and studying science in school may grow up to fly aboard a NASA Zero-G aircraft!

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