Posted by: D. Rand | February 10, 2012

Special Teleconference Today Connects Teachers and Students!

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Pictures tell the story!

Special connection made with teachers at NASA Airfield in Houston, Texas to their special student scientists in E. Hartford, Connecticut!

Go Technology! Go Science! Go Kids! Go Fluffy the Science Dog!

Back at 12:30pm CST, Fluffy the Science Dog and Teachers, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Raffalo and Ms. Rand talked directly with student scientists at the E. Hartford-Glastonbury Magnet School via a Long Distance Learning Network.Every student and teacher in the school gathered in the the cafeteria find out about their teachers adventures in microgravity.

Thanks to every student and teacher for being part of the NASA Microgravity Team! Everyone had such great questions!

Thank you, very much, to Ms. Vestergaard for organizing and setting up all the video conference equipment!

Thank you to Mr. Peterson for helping to organize the assembly and news reporters.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!


  1. It looks cool! How did it feel to “fly.” Your pictures look very cool!

    Ashae – Curiosity Explorer

    • It was the greatest feeling to float freely in the air! It was relaxing, peaceful, very fun!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  2. How did Fluffy do in the plane during the EXPERIMENT?

    Matthew M. – Curosity Explorer

    • I was strapped under the belt on Ms. Rand’s flight suit for safety during the first part of the flight.

      Then Ms. Rand placed me in mid-air while she timed the experiment and I just floated, waiting to be scooped up!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  3. Mrs. Raffalo I hope that you had a fun time I was wondering when you were in zero g’s did you body feel any diiferent than it did on earth? And did you feel dizzy once you came of the plane and did your ears pop? ❤
    Love, Kathleen, Christopher, Patrick, Meagan, Mary,and Mommy and Daddy

  4. Looks like you ladies had a fantastic time!!!!!

  5. Hey Fluffy- It was great sharing another NASA experience with you. MY students all wanted to know how you were! Please tell Mrs. Rand I enjoyed seeing her!
    Mrs. Biernat

    • Hi Mrs. Biernat,

      You are my hero because you love science too! We have started doing some physiology experiments to study our senses to learn why our senses disagree in microgravity. We are also playing with the NASA Toys in Space.

      It was nice to hear about your wonderful students! Please let us know when you receive your video from the Zero G plane experiments!

      On another science note….Do you have any students who would like to exchange a temperature and snow cover report with us here?

      Fluffy the Science Dog

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