Posted by: D. Rand | February 9, 2012

We Fly in Micro-gravity!

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Today was a seasonally cold day in Texas. NASA gave us the “OK” to fly today but explained that the pilots and Project Director would keep an eye on the clouds developing along our flight path. In order to perform parabolic flight maneuvers over the Gulf of Mexico the pilots need to be able to see the horizon and clear travel space. Also the wings need to be free of ice. Safety is the most important factor!

Today was a good day! We met Astronaut Dotty Metcalf who would be onboard our flight to take photos and video. We hung a Shin Nen Kai t-shirt with our school name inside the airplane, hooked Fluffy the Science Dog to Ms. Rand’s flight suit, and took a seat in the passenger seats of the aircraft ready for take-off.

The NASA RGO Test Director said “Go to the experiment stations!” and we were up, up and a-way!

Ms. Rand and Fluffy the Science Dog’s comments on being weightless:

“Oh my! What a feeling to lie down on the floor of the plane and then suddenly start to float! Just lift off the floor with no pressure around your body! A magic carpet ride without the carpet!”

“One little push and I am way over on the ceiling of the plane! Without gravity this little push against the experiment box sends me and Fluffy the Science Dog speeding toward the opposite direction! Hey Sir Isaac Newton; double-check your calculations in a place without the force of gravity around you!”

“I loved using a stop-watch in microgravity; here is what you do: look at the timer and hang onto the experiment box with the tips of two fingers…or maybe just let go and see what happens!”

Look at Ms. Wilson’s and Ms. Raffalo’s hair and Fluffy’s ears float in microgravity!

You are going to like the video of Fluffy and the experiments in hyper and micro-gravity!


  1. First of all, thank you for writing! We would like RJ to know that no one has yet to need his “special bag but Ms. Wilson has it in her flight suit and she is willing to share. We hope to get another chance to finish our experiments tomorrow if the weather is clear enough to fly.

    We miss you too! Thank you for all of your encouragement. We will be home with our EHGEMS family before you know it!!!

  2. The pictures are great! I hope you get to go up again to finish up the experiments! The kids are so excited, there is a buzzzzz humming through the school!

    enjoy the rest of your time and we hope to see you three this afternoon on the big screen!

    If not, we know you are up in the air at 2g’s having the time of your lives, finishing up your work!


    • Hi Mrs. Brunette,
      Thank you for all of your help last week!
      Fluffy the Science Dog

  3. Heyy,
    I’m so excited to see you again! Its been so quiet in the morning because I don’t hear your heels clanking everywhere!!! We will see you at five 😀
    Emmers,Madeline,Dad, Maggie, and Peyton!!!!!!! B-)

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