Posted by: D. Rand | February 8, 2012

NASA gives Fluffy the Science Dog a “Go for Flight!”

GEMS Microgravity Team with NASA’s Mr. James Semple

A large group of NASA scientists and pilots today gave the “OK” for Fluffy the Science Dog, her launcher, the Mini-Micro-Fluffys and the Slinky to travel tomorrow onboard the “Weightless Wonder” aircraft with the other experiments. She was checked for safety and she passed with “flying colors!”

Liquid Experiment is checked and ready.

Projectile Experiment checked and ready.

Inertial Balance is checked and ready!

Today there was more practicing inside the aircraft with the student experiments and everyone ready to fly tomorrow!


  1. Hi Ms. Rand, Mrs. Raffallo and Mrs Wilson!

    I hope you’re having a great time. How is it, do you get scared?

    Savannah – Curiousity explorer

    • Floating in micro gravity is so much fun I did not have time to be scared!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  2. Hi! How was your trip? How high did you go? Mrs. Rand, I made an Curiousity announcement on Tuesday – it was awesome!

    Ms. Wilson and Mrs. Raffalo,
    How was your trip, too? Are you ready to fly? We know you can do it! Hope you have fun.

    Alajiah – Curiousity Explorer

    • Hi,
      I push off from the floor, just a little bit, and I ended up near the ceiling!

      Congratulations on making another Curiosity Rover announcement!
      Go Curiosity! There is a place for you at NASA!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  3. How is it? Is it fun? We miss you! Hope you have a great time! One more thing… Hi Fluffy!

    Curiosity Explorer

    From: Dontay

    • Hi,

      We will be back on Monday. Can’t wait to see everyone!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  4. What is fluffy doing? You are doing good science experiments! Does the slinky work?

    your friend
    Keshaun Tyson-Williams

    • Hi,
      You will be surprised to see video of the slinky! We had fun floating in zero G and doing the experiments!

      See you on Monday!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  5. It was so nice to see you today with the video! The kids were so excited and behaved so well! We can not wait to see the video of the flight!

    The reporter that was here today watching the video conference, taking photo’s, taking notes, asked if you were the only teachers on that flight or were there other teachers from other schools on the same flight with you doing their experiments?

    The Gizzette will have an article about your flight and the school participation in the video conference soon! Yes! This news is paper worthy!
    Lots of press for this school lately, huh? wonder why? We do great things here at EHGEMS and we have GREAT Teachers! That is why!

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your time at the Space Center!

    Karen Brunette

    • Hi,

      Thank you, Mrs. Brunette for the encouraging words and helping with the assembly and photos! Yes, this is an exciting place to go to school and the students did such a good job explaining their observations and results of their earth-based experiments in 1-G. I loved their work in excel and explaining their work with graphs; these were very helpful.

      The NASA scientists also liked the student videos!

      These kids are all great scientists!
      There is a place for everyone of them at NASA!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

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