Posted by: D. Rand | February 7, 2012

Micro Gravity Flight Training Begins!

Fluffy the Science Dog’s microgravity training began today! She took a spin in a special sensory chair to see how her inner ear, her eyes and her pressure sensors on her skin may react to the experience of microgravity.

Here, Fluffy is trained in treating hypoxia; she practiced putting on an oxygen hood with Ms. Rand.  Now she is prepared for any emergency.

An  astronaut gave us advice and encouragement!

Here she is; the “Weightless Wonder” aircraft where the student experiments are now set-up and ready for practice.

The white you see on the walls, floor and ceiling of the airplane are covered with gym mat squares. The experiment boxes are bolted to the floor. They have been made especially for your experiments. People are working today in regular gravity, 1g.

Ms. Wilson and Ms. Raffalo practiced using the glove-boxes today so they can operate the experiments smoothly in hyper-gravity. Each experiment will be tested under 2g conditions.

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  1. When Fluffy was in the spinning chair, did she get dizzy? Did she throw up?
    I wonder if each experiment will float or stay still or do the wave?

    Did teachers get dizzy or throw-up on the spinning chair?

    I hope you have a great trip!

    Thomas B.

    • Great questions! Fluffy is fearless and did not have any problems in the spinning chair. Another teacher did get quite dizzy in the chair, but did not get sick.

  2. YAY Mrs.Raffalo!!!
    From The Whitaker Family!!!!!

    • We did it!! We flew on the weightless wonder and did not get sick! It was awesome. I will tell you all about it soon.

  3. kyle wants to know if during the hyper-gravity “is it hard to grab the objects in the glove box while lying down?”
    Mia would like to know your decision on how Fluffy is getting slingshotted in the plane.
    Alex wants to know when you do the cannon experiment what the ball bearing results are.

    WE MISS YOU!!! 5W

    • Hi Kyle, I miss you too! Yes it is very difficult to grab objects in microgravity…Fluffy was sent sailing through the air very easily with the slingshot device that Mrs. Rand developed. We didn’t get to do the projectile launcher because of the interference by Mother Nature 😦

  4. Hello to Fluffy, Mrs. Raffalo, Ms. Wilson, and Ms. Rand from your friends in 3B. We enjoyed looking at your pictures and can’t wait to see and hear more from you. You guys are awesome! We miss you! Have fun and good luck!!

    • Hi 3B Scientists!
      We hope you get to float in zero G sometime; it is so relaxing and peaceful. One little push against something and away you go……
      The video will be available in a few weeks.

      We can’t wait for you to see me sail through the air with the greatest of ease!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  5. Greetings from 2Y–

    Fluffy looks great. Did you give her a bath before going? What has been your favorite part of the training so far? Please keep sending pictures.

    We miss you,

    Love, Ms. Yencho’s class

    • Hi 2Y Scientists,

      I was brushed and brushed! Lookin” very good if I do say so myself!
      Fluffy the Science Dog

  6. tell us how you feel like good sick dizzy JUST ANYTHING!!!
    miss you

    • Hi Frank….I didn’t feel sick at all….it was so cool the floating feeling! Miss u too!

  7. How is the airplane different from the regular airplane? What type of training do you do?

    • The 727 plane was modified by taking out all the seats and the overhead compartments. There were 10 rows of seats left in the rear of the aircraft. The remaining space was covered in padding. We had to practice counting the seconds in both microgravity and hyper-gravity so that we would know when to get into the correct positions to work on the experiments.

  8. Dear ms.wilson,

    When you go on the plane are you going to wear a special suit or just were regular clothes?

    • We wore regulation army green flight suits over shorts and tee shirts.

  9. Hi Mrs.wilson how is training?

    • Training was really interesting and fun to do!

  10. How long did it take to fly toTexas?

    BY Keyshawn.Brown

    • It was about a 5 hour flight with a change of planes in Atlanta.

  11. Dear Ms. Wilson
    I hope you are having the best time of your life.
    Which one of the liquids went the fastest and which one went the slowest?

    • We didn’t get a chance to do that experiment because the pilots couldn’t get a clear sight of the horizon line as we did the parabolas. Other teachers did it, so we’ll share their results.

  12. How do you feel? Is the plane really cool? Does Fluffy like it ?Do you like it? We miss you very much,ms.willson,ms.rand, ms.raffalo

    • I felt great during the flight…floating was so peaceful. The plane was really cool! Fluffy had a great time as did I. See you soon.

  13. I hope you all dont get sick in the zero G plane.What happend to fluffy did she go farther in zero G than in gravity.

    • Didn’t feel sick at all. They gave us medicine so that we wouldn’t get sick. It was difficult to tell for sure, but I believe Fluffy went further in Zero G than on Earth.

  14. What do you think is going to be the most interesting experiment? What does it feel like? Is breathing harder than normal?



    • As strange as it may seem, breathing did not seem any more difficult in hyper g (2G) than in regular gravity. I was lying down for the hyper g manuevers, and i did feel my face being pulled toward the floor, but it was not difficult to breath.

  15. I wonder what will happen when the liguids get flipped over. I think the marble will stay at the top due to lack of gravity Kairi

    • That is a distinct possibility….I’ll share the data that some of our colleagues gathered when we get back.

  16. Dear,Ms.Wilson and the others
    I hope ur having the best time ever!Can you send us a picture of you and the others floating in the plain it kinda looks like a jet? Did the liquids do the same or diffrent in the plane and out? Wich of the liquids went the fastest and the slowest? Sincerely, Michael

    • There were a lot of pictures taken that I’ll share with all of you. Mrs. Rand did most of the floating as I was working on keeping count during our experiment. We definitely had the best time ever. As for the liquids experiment we didn’t get to do it but we had other teachers who did and we’ll share their results.

  17. Sup Mrs.Rand,

    I was wondering… while in zero-g are you still vertically and horizontally aware?……


    • Hi Max,
      The scientists onboard told us not to shake our head up and down or sideways; just turn our shoulders with our head and mover slowly.
      This worked out great! It did not matter if we were upside down or on the wall.

      Fluffy the Science dog

  18. HI, Mrs.Rand,Mrs.Wilson,and Mrs Raffalo.Are you guys having fun? Are siked to be floating in the air? Are you guys happy that you are on the vommet commet?Well if you said yes to any of those questions then you are some real partyers. So what is it like being in 0g, or do you just like floating in the middle of the air?????????????

    • We had a ball! Floating was an ultimate experience!

  19. Dear Ms. Wilson,

    I hope the liquids don’t spill.

    How meny hours in training did yoy have.

    • The liquids didn’t spill. We had about 4 hours of training to get ready for the flight.

  20. hi ms.wilson and ms.rand how are you feeling ?????????
    we all miss you 😦 😦 😦
    how did the experiments act in space??????????????????????????????

    • We are feeling great! We’ll share our results with you when we get back.

  21. Dear Ms. Wilson,Mrs. Rand,and Mrs.Rafflo
    Did the liquids do the opposite on 0g then 1g so did the corn surup go fastest and the apple juice went slowest.

    • Hi Zaniah,

      You are going to be sooo surprised when you see the video!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  22. Dear Mrs.Rand , Ms.Wilson and Ms. Raffalo,

    I hope you are having a great time! I really miss you guys. Are the experiments harder to use up there than down here?How dose 0g. feel?Hope you guys are having fun!!!!!!!

    corinne 5M

    • Hi Corinne,
      The experiments are definitely harder to do in microgravity!
      It is hard to keep in position to see and operate the experiments without floating away!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  23. hey ms.rand , ms.wilson , and ms.raffalo,

    i’m wondering how differnt are the experiments ? what is the training like? do you think any of you will get sick? will fluffy be scared? do you get dizzy?



    • Hi Elena,
      We did not get sick! We did not even feel a little sick; we took some medicine that helped us reduce nausea. I hope you get to try this sometime when you are in college studying science!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  24. we miss you 😦 😦

    have a fun time 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • You bet!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  25. Hope you have a blast! Cant wait until DLN!! Dont get sick in the zero g plane. Especially fluffy, you dont want dog barf on the plane.

    • Yay! No dog barf on the plane; we did not get sick at all!
      Fluffy the Science Dog

  26. Hello magnet school teachers. This is 3M. We hope you have a fun time with the experiments tomorrow. We hope you will try new things in zero gravity. Most importantly, we hope you will be safe. Have a great time! We know Fluffly will be okay since it’s her second time in microgravity. We hope the teachers who are new to the plane do not get sick. We hope Fluffy will do some flips this year! Don’t be scared Fluffy! We would love to see some pictures of your flight. We hope the experiment works!

  27. Are you on the ground?

    • HI Dylan,
      We came home Friday evening.

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  28. hello Mrs Raffalo what is the mask on fluffy for?

    • The mask is to help Fluffy breath if we ever had a problem with the pressure in the airplane. It provides oxygen for up to a half hour. That way the pilots can land the plane and you will still have oxygen to breath.

  29. Hello are you haveing fun.Mrs.Raffao I miss you

    • It is awesome!!! But I miss all of you too. See you Monday!

  30. hi mrs Raffalo i love

    • Hi Tiarra,
      I can’t wait to see you again!

  31. are you felling neris?are you skerd?i miss you ”

    • Believe it or not, I am not scared anymore. We had a lot of training and practice and I am now very excited!!! See you soon!

  32. dear mrs. raffalo
    i hope your having fun
    never smile to much are you scard.
    i miss you

    • Believe it or not, I am not scared anymore. We had a lot of training and practice and I am now very excited!!! See you soon!

  33. Why doesn’t stuff in your body fly up it should because there is no gravety

    • That is a great question! The muscles in your body help keep everything in its place. As you can see though, the stuff outside of my body like my hair goes crazy!!!

  34. How is your trip?Is it fun? Hope your ok.

    • I am fine Dylan, and I had a great time!!! See you soon…

  35. is fluffy ok did she yack and did u yack

    • No one yacked…Does this disappoint you? It was really tons of fun and I didn’t fee sick at all…

  36. how is your trip?is it fun

    • I had a wonderful time…it was so exciting. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

  37. Are you haveing fun?

    • Best time ever!
      Fluffy the Science Dog

  38. hi mrs.raffalo I wish you can stay here at school I hope you have a good time

    • I had a wonderful time…it was so exciting. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

  39. hi mrs.rafflo and Ms. wilson and Mrs. rand. how you doing today
    did you try the slaky yet. 2012

    • Hi Thomas,
      We had a wonderful time! We saw the slinky fly when another group of teachers did the same experiment we were going to do. It was surprising because it moved side to side not up and down!

  40. hi mrs.raffalo and ms.rand life’s so boring with out you. Sincerly,
    sarah desai

    • I miss you too, but don’t worry about being bored, I have lots of stories to tell!

  41. im going to rap for you from tajiah seals

    • I didn’t know you rap! You should make a zero-g rap!

  42. Hope your haveing fun.

  43. how is the plan so far is it fun I hope you have fun are you scard yet ? did you land in taxes yet ? did you find out how old you have to be when you go on the zro g plan? when you come back to school can you tell me?

    • I think the zero -g plane takes up highschool students, so it won’t be many more years before it could be you flying!!!

  44. hi how you doing

    • See you soon, Javier!!

  45. HI Mrs Raffalo how is your trip? Mrs Raffalo what happened with training? did it go well?.

    • The training helped me to not be scared anymore. I knew I would be fine and I was excited to try it out!!!

  46. How is your tiraning so for? I hope you were here .. I wonder when you are comeing i really miss you.

    • The training helped me to not be afraid anymore. Instead I was excited to give it a try! See you Monday!

  47. sup guys it must be super fun down there

    from elena

    p.s. this was sent from my house

    • Texas is one hour behind CT!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  48. p.p.s i meant in Texas

    evie said she wants you to have a good trip and she will miss you a lot

  49. The photos are great! We miss you, but we’re glad that you’re having fun!
    We’re thinking of great questions for the video conference on Thurs. Love grade 1M

  50. Thank you for all of your warm and wonderful wishes! We fly tomorrow afternoon and we are so excited to find out what happens to your experiments and to Fluffy in microgravity!

    Thank you to Ms. Vestergaard and all of your teachers!

    We are going to eat a good dinner and get plenty of rest so we will be fit for our flight in the “Weightless Wonder!”

    We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

    Ms. Wilson, Ms. Raffalo and Ms. Rand & Fluffy the Science Dog

  51. Hey mom,
    We miss you! Did your hand feel weird in that box thingy?
    Madeline has finished a little treat for you when you get home!!! Also, what did you get at that Crab Shack?

    Love, Madeline,Dad, and Emily 😀

    Don’t forget Maggie And Peyton!

  52. How does it feel putting your hands in the glove box?

    Kiara-Curiousity Explorer

    • The gloves are very big and they feel clumsy to use.

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  53. Hope you have fun!!
    Are you going to throw up?

    • Sorry to disappoint you I didn’t get sick to my stomach..

  54. weall miss you. hope you have a good time

    • Miss you too, Having a great time!

    • Best time ever!
      I hope you get to do this sometime when you are studying science in college!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  55. Hey Ms.wilson, we all miss you and we hope you will be back soon so we can see you again. How did the experiments go in space?please write to let me now
    Grace Carey-Lang

    • Hi Grace,
      Miss u too! I’ll be in school on Monday. The experiments went well, we’ll share the results with you when we get back.

  56. To Ms. Wilson,

    Good Luck. I miss u so much. I hope you are having a good time.

    How are you doing? How do the liquids react? Are they any slower? Faster?

    I hope your not sick!

    And I hope you don’t use Rj’s puke bag!

    • Hi Tam,
      Miss u too! I had a great time! I didn’t get sick so I didn’t need to use RJ’s barf bag. I’ll share the experiment results with you this week.

  57. Hi Ms.Wilson we all miss you!!
    I hope you had a great time!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Syd,
      Miss u too! I had a fabulous time!

  58. What is the plane like ?
    How was two gs ?
    I hope you will have a nice time?

    • It’s hard to describe the plane but I took lots of pictures. Two g’s was not as much pressure as I expected. We had a great time!

  59. I hope you get the best!

  60. Sup Ms Wilson,Rand and Raffalo,i hope you are having the time of your life in 0-gravity did u get sick? hope not. Well anyways we miss u guys very much the whole class is waiting for u and have a wonderful time 🙂 oo i almost forgot how did the experiments go? Well i have a good feeling that it went good.ROCK ON!!!!

    • We did have the time of our lives. No one got sick! We’ll share the results when we get back to school!

  61. Dear Ms Wilson,
    I forgot to put something in my last comment and this is what it was I MISS YOU LOVE, ASHLEY 🙂

  62. yo Ms Wilson did you use the chuck up bag i gave you? Are you having a great time ? love rj
    p.s. im reading soo mush

    Im rappin for you

  63. Hello Ms.Wilson,5W wishes you a exemplary flight. I hope the micro gravity flight doesn’t perturb you. I was wondering if the marble floated to the top of the beaker.

  64. Hi Mrs.Wilson how are you doin up in micrgravity
    from Freddie Thomas

    • sorry freddie sent that

      • Hi Freddie,
        We did fine in microgravity! See u soon.

  65. Hey Ms.Wilson, Ms.Rafallo, Ms.Rand and Fluffy
    We miss you alot!!!:( Are you nervous? We are all so excited for you to come back. I hope you don’t have to use RJ’s personal chuck up bag.
    Have a great time love, Colin
    p.s we are doing good with the sub
    🙂 😦 😐

    • No use for the chuck up bag, Colin! We were not sick!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  66. Dear ms.willson,
    I was woundering if u have used Rj’s though up bag?(LOL)
    First of all how are you doing? And are u having a blast of in space?
    You will allways be in side of me:)
    I WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We Miss YOU!!!!!!:( ❤ love,

    • Dear Mia,
      No fortunately I didn’t need to us RJ’s bag. I had a fabulous time! I did have a blast. Miss u too! See u soon.

  67. Hi ms.wilson how are you doing. i hope you are having fun!! how did you do experement #2????? hope you have fun! 🙂
    i miss you 😦 ❤

    • I’m doing great! I’m having a ball. We didn’t get to do Experiment 2 because the weather didn’t cooperate. I’ll explain more when we get back. Had a great time! I miss u too!

  68. P.S. Can’t wait to see all of you at the DLN!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Me too! We want to see you!
      Fluffy the Science Dog

  69. Dear Ms Wilson,
    how did it feel when you where in microgravity ?
    Did the slinky work?

    • Hi Ashley,
      It felt surreal….you literally float! We didn’t get to perform the slinky experiment but teacher friends did and we’ll share their results with you!

  70. dear mrswillson i hope you dont get motionsickness also i miss you and fluffy please respond 🙂

    • Hi Kyle….didn’t get motion sick at all! See you soon! Miss u too!

  71. Hi Ms.Wilson. I hope you are having the best time ever on the vomet comet doing the experements. Was it weird when you were floating around? We miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not the same with out you.
    Love, Angela 🙂 ❤

    • Hi Angela,
      I had the best time ever on the Vomit Comet although NASA would prefer we call it the Weightless Wonder. It wasn’t weird at all…it was so peaceful and more surreal than anything else. Missed u too!
      See you on Monday!

  72. This a important message to ehgems and all teachers. yo its me Connor did you chuck up?? We REALLY miss you Ke$ha says hi and wishes you luck.

    p.s. this message is aproved by the federal goverment. NO REALLY IM NOT JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HA HA HA…Connor, No up chucks here! See you soon!

  73. i am the one who is tomas b it came up that name

    by kyle

  74. hi mrs.wilson shavoni speaking i hope you have a good time and since i have brody connections he said good luck and love you i do too

    love, shavoni

    • Hi Shavoni,
      Had a great time. Thanks for the Brody connection. See you Monday!

  75. 4S is excited to hear from you tomorrow! You sound like you are having so much fun and learing new information to share with us. 🙂

    • Yippeee! It was great to see you on the TV monitor in the airplane hanger at Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas!
      Thanks for the questions!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

  76. hi its Brandon have a fun time in taxes

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  77. Mrs. Mroz’s 1st grade class visited the life science lab today and we talked about your trip! Here are some questions about Fluffy and gravity!
    We wounder if gravity effects Fluffy like it effects a human?
    We wonder if everything will fly around on the mico g plane?
    When will you be back to school?
    We wonder ……Why don’t we float when we go outside?
    How does gravity have so much force on earth and just a little in space? Who discovered gravity?
    What causes gravity?

    When fluffy is shot out, will she float out and just keep floating?
    Will fluffy float on the plane?

    Sebastian asks if fluffy floated when you threw her under your leg?

    Who floats the longest?Mrs. Rand, Mrs. Raffalo, Ms. Wilson or Fluffy?
    We think fluffy because he weighs less!

    We hope you are having fun and can’t wait to see you on the big screen tomorrow!

    Gravity G Team up, up, and away!!!!!!!

    Have a great flight!

    From Mrs. Mroz’s !st Grade class

    • Hi 1M,
      You have soooo many interesting questions!
      I can’t wait to see you in the science lab to help answer some of these questions and do some more experimenting!

      Fluffy the Science Dog

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