Posted by: D. Rand | February 6, 2012

Fluffy Touches Down in Texas!

Fluffy the Science Dog touched down today at 3:12pm in Houston, Texas. After removing her collar and iphone she sailed swiftly through security checkpoints. Teachers, Ms. Raffalo, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Rand had no problems either. After snacks of peanuts and water Fluffy was eager to find some real food, go to a NASA meeting, watch the Super Bowl (root for her favorite team!) and get ready for her rigorous training sessions tomorrow.


  1. Fluffy looks so excited! I can’t wait to see you’all floating around up in the plane, What a great experience it will be to watch the students experiments being done and watching the results! Thomas and I want to see what happens to the SLINKY! Will is stay together or will it stretch apart in a l-o-n-g spring? Will it be curvy or straight? will it spring back into it’s original shape or take it’s time and slowly come together?

    With the marbles in the liquids, We wonder if the marble will float and stay to the top of the test tube?

    With Fluffy’s experiment, We wonder if when you flick the little Fluffy’s out, will they just float across the plane and hit the other side?

    These questions and more will be answered in the coming days as we wait for the LIVE tele-cast on Thursday!

    Have fun!

    Karen, Guy
    Thomas, Trevor and Michael Brunette

  2. We are glad to hear that you safely made it to Houston! We cannot wait to hear about your exciting experiments very soon.

  3. Fluffy looks great after her long trip to Texas. Good luck!

  4. I am so glad that you had a safe flight to Houston and that all goes well.

  5. Mrs. Mroz’s 1st grade class visited the life science lab today and we talked about your trip! Here are some questions about Fluffy and gravity!
    We wounder if gravity effects Fluffy like it effects a human?
    We wonder if everything will fly around on the mico g plane?
    When will you be back to school?
    We wonder ……Why don’t we float when we go outside?
    How does gravity have so much force on earth and just a little in space? Who discovered gravity?
    What causes gravity?

    When fluffy is shot out, will she float out and just keep floating?
    Will fluffy float on the plane?

    Sebastian asks if fluffy floated when you threw her under your leg?

    Who floats the longest?Mrs. Rand, Mrs. Raffalo, Ms. Wilson or Fluffy?
    We think fluffy because he weighs less!

    We hope you are having fun and can’t wait to see you on the big screen tomorrow!

    Gravity G Team up, up, and away!!!!!!!

    Have a great flight!

    From Mrs. Mroz’s !st Grade class

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