Posted by: D. Rand | November 28, 2011

Science Students Study Universe & Our Planet Earth!

EHGEMS Science Newsletter November 27, 2011


 EHGEMS One of 12 Schools Selected for National NASA Astronomy Opportunity!

 NASA Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope ( GAVRT) student team is now training to operate the NASA 34 Meter/850,000 pound radio telescope in California. They will collect data from a Black Hole using this huge telescope. The students will operate the telescope in California from a computer located in the EHGEMS Science Lab!


EHGEMS Scientists Begin Second Microgravity/Earth-based Testing Experiment

Fifth graders at EHGEMS recently started their second experiment to test Newtons Laws in microgravity!

 Trout in the Classroom Volunteers Deliver Brown Trout eggs to Life Science Lab!

Second graders are treated to a big surprise during a lesson in the life science lab when our wonderful volunteers from the Trout in the Classroom program arrived with 100 eggs!

During the next several months our EHGEMS fourth graders will be responsible for the life needs of these growing Brown Trout. They will be in charge of keeping the trout tank ecosystem clean, the water chemistry balanced and temperature  cold, around 50 degrees.

 Check our EHGEMS “Live Fish Camera!” working now over our school network.

  Type  Into your browser. 

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Rethink!

 Thank you to our wonderful teachers and friends at the Recycle Museum! 

Third grade scientists visited the Recycle Museum to find out where materials go after they place them into a recycle bin, what we should recycle and why this is so important to the earth!

NEWS FLASH! ALL PLASTICS (EXCEPT BLACK) ARE NOW ACCEPTED AT THE RECYCLE CENTER! Also, more photos can be found on:–35H3vgE&feat=directlink


Scientists of the Week!

One of our EHGEMS Scientists of the Week shown above was inspired to work on her own science experiments after reading a very cool science experiment book she read as part of the NASA Microgravity Project. Congratulations to Kassidy and the many other student “Scientists of the Week” who continue independently investigating amazing science topics!


  1. Very neat experiment to help them understand space. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a cool lesson! I love your scientist of the week feature. Taking the initiative to continue science at home definitely qualifies her for the title!

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