Posted by: D. Rand | May 26, 2011

Boat Regatta June 9th – Thursday! Check Schedule!

All School Boat Regatta – June 9th – All day! Please also check “Parent Page” for field trip dates!

Annual EHGEMS Boat Regatta Volunteers Need – Thursday, June 9, 2011

Join us to float boats, sail and survive choppy water, measure & weigh!

8:30-9:15am Set-up swimming pools on front lawn

9:15 KRau &  KPackard

9:50 4 Garbart

10:25 1 Cordova

1p 4 Saunders & 1 Mroz

1:35pm 3 Marques and 3 Berent

2:10pm 2 Raffalo and 5Wilson

2:40pm 5 Moore and 2Yencho

3:15pm Clean up and empty swimming pools


I can volunteer to help from ___________________________ to _____________________________

Email address (please write clearly):


Donna Rand

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