Posted by: D. Rand | March 28, 2011

NASA’s Rick Varner Inspires team-work in EHGEMS students!

Our E. Hartford-Glastonbury Magnet School grade five students were challenged by NASA Goddard Space Center’s, Mr. Rick Varner, to work together in small teams to solve a common problem. As work at NASA is often done by a team of people, students were challenged to build the tallest tower possible using only three pieces of paper and three paper clips. The only other resources Varner gave them were a pair of scissors scrap paper and pencil if students wished to brainstorm ideas and sketch a plan for their tower.
Student discussion at the close of the lesson revealed they had learned important “life skills” for success such as the importance of “listening to the ideas of people in the group and being willing to “change-course” in design or thinking when something does not work.
During lunch-time Rick Varner showed inspirational video of the US space program to our entire staff and answered questions about NASA and future projects. Teachers will be able to pass along up-to-date information to their students!
We would like to thank Rick Varner from Goddard Spaceflight Center for planning a terrific program to benefit both our students and teachers!

To see more photos click on this link

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