Posted by: D. Rand | March 28, 2011

Kids in Micro-G Team Receive NASA Recognition at NEAM Space Expo!

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The Kids in Micro-G Team from EHGEMS received special recognition for their student experiment from NASA at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Connecticut at their annual space expo Sunday. Mr. Rick Varner from Goddard Space Center presented the students with a flag flown on board the International Space Station as well as a beautiful, framed photograph of the space station and the astronaut crew. “This will hang proudly in the school for many years to come!” said science teacher, Ms. Donna Rand.

The Kids in Micro-G Team and student representatives also spent the day the the Space Expo explaining their experiment carried out by Astronaut Tracy Cladwell-Dyson, “Jelly Beans in Space!” Through several “hands-on” demonstrations of their experiment, Newton’s Laws, gravity, static and Astronaut Caldwell-Dyson’s video footage of observations of jelly bean motion in space, EHGEMS students educated and amazed hundreds of  children and adults throughout New England.

In Addition, the Kids in Micro-G Team showed visitors how to carefully hold and examine a real Space Shuttle tile which the EHGEMS received from NASA at the request of Mr. Glen Peterson, principal.

The students joined more than 15 exhibitors, from across New England who attended the expo. When not presenting their project student had the opportunity to meet a real astronaut, space food, try experiments, collect meteorites and try on a real spacesuit. One EHGEMS student, Blaise, was interviewed by a 22News reporter about why he loved the space expo.

“It’s really cool because you get to talk to astronauts,” said Blaise Bible of East Hartford, CT, “Actual people who have been up there and have done the experiments.” He told 22News learning about space has made him want to be an astronaut when he grows up.

A huge thank you to all of the team members and their parents for helping to spread the excitement for learning and science to many, many people! Team members working behind the scenes at school and those working at the Space Expo made the event possible!


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