Posted by: D. Rand | February 23, 2011

Take Apart Labs Build Inquisitive Engineers!

A young engineer tries to "fix" a door after participating in the annual Take Apart Labs!

Many adults who enter the fields of engineering and science remember taking things apart as youngsters to see how things worked! Our students at EHGEMS have this opportunity each year with the help of all of our wonderful parents, teachers and other adult volunteers! With the help of at least five adults per classroom, students integrate science, writing, reading and math with the excitement of using real tools to find out what is inside everyday inventions.

Telephones, DVD players, old-fashoined VCR’s, computers, radios, kitchen appliances; anything that is donated to the science lab which is broken or obsolete is fair game to be taken apart and inspected. The funniest find this year was a toy, rubber bat found inside a CD player…no wonder it did not work!

Thank you, again, to all of our parents who donated items or who were able to donate their time! We will need more broken items for next year’s Take Apart Labs and will start accepting donations at school on January 1st. Please help us by storing your items until then or drop them off in my barn in Glastonbury. – Donna

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