Posted by: D. Rand | December 21, 2010

Oak Street Building Razed To Make Way For EHGEMS Magnet School

Oak Street Building Razed To Make Way For Magnet School

3:37 PM EST, December 20, 2010

Materials will be recycled from the existing building on our new school site, Trevor, Grade 3

GLASTONBURY – The sprawling Consolidated Cigar building on Oak Street is no more.

The 200,000-square-foot building has been reduced to rubble, and construction workers removed and recycled a majority of the material to make way for the 68,000-square-foot Glastonbury-East Hartford Magnet Elementary School. Foundations are being poured and other site work is being done now, as the frame of the school will be put up through the winter.

The $37 million school will open on the 14-acre site in the summer of 2013. The school will have a science theme and include design elements honoring Eastern cultures and the cosmos. Plans include a planetarium, theater, gallery, glassed-in science lab, classrooms, cafeteria, gym, basketball court with bleacher seating for 200 and a soccer field.

Town Manager Richard J. Johnson said a sign noting the “Future home of the Glastonbury-East Harford Elementary Magnet School,” including a drawing of the space shuttle circling the Earth, will be placed in front of the site to show those driving past what is being built.

The school, offering a program focusing on science, technology and global studies, has outgrown its current space in East Hartford.

—Peter Marteka

Please stop and take photos when you drive by the Oak Street site! Send photos to

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