Posted by: D. Rand | November 30, 2010

Student astronomer sends observations from Florida!

Sand Point Beach, Florida

We watched the sun slowly disappear in the horizon. It looked so beautiful.

I wanted to learn more about the sun and here are some cool things I found out.

How far is the Sun from the earth?

If there was a highway and we had to drive at 65 miles per hour and you drive non-stop 24 hours a day with no meal or bathroom breaks, it should take 163 years and 120 days to get to the Sun from the Earth.

How much does the Sun weigh?

The Sun weighs about 300,000 times the total weight of the Earth.

Facts researched by Sana Desai,  Sunset photo taken on Friday 26th November

Check out more of “Sana’s Sun Facts” by visiting the “Sky and Space Watch” page on this website!

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