Posted by: D. Rand | January 11, 2010

Lots of changes for the Brown Trout! Take a Look!

Look on right-side of page for "Trout in the Classroom" Updates!


  1. Hi Trout in the Classroom Kids,

    Stop by the Science Lab on Monday to get some new photos for the site!

  2. Our trout have not been releast into the big tank yet because not all of them have swam to the top. Gladdly a very good amount of them have. Our PH levels were a 6 yesterday and the time we checked before that and today they were a 7. I also think we should pay more attention to how much we are feeding them. Luckly not a big amount off our trout have died. The to headed trout we have is adnormal so we have to come up with a creative way to get him out since the suction thing we use is not wide enough to fit the heads through it.

    • Hi,
      Our trout are in very good shape. I think that our trout are going to be released into the big tank very soon. They are coming up to the top a lot. We have not had any die in a long time. Our PH level have just stopped being a pattern which I am very happy about. I think that we have gave them a perfect amount of food. I am surprised that our two headed trout is still alive, plus the trout helpers and I have not figured out a way to take it out since it’s abnormal. A strategy that helps us is we take the poop out before we feed them so we don’t confuse that with food because if we mistake food for poop than they’d die because they would starv. I also think we got very lucky because Ms. Rand fed them and we also did on the same day in not a very big amount of time difference. Our water changes have been going very smoothy. So is the ammonia. Another thing is that we put new netting on the other day and that had lot’s of black things on it that blended in with it so we should pay more attention on that.

  3. Thanks Lauren and the other Trout Scientists for sharing your news with everyone!

    Wow! A two-headed fish; that is amazing!

  4. Hi,
    Our trout are all swimming to the top but have not been releast. The PH levels stopped being a pattern. We have not had a lot of trout die in a long time. I think we got lucky because Ms.Rand Fed them at 9 and we fed them around 12. The other trout helpers and I havn’t figured out a way to take the two headed trout out.The ammonia and nitrate are also doing well. The temperature has stayed around 47 degrees. The water changes are going smoothly. A strategy we use is that we take the poop out before we feed them so we don’t get them confused.

  5. Hi,
    I wonder how our trout are doing. I also wonder what will happen when we release them.

  6. It would be very cool to have a camera set up so we could keep an eye on the fish over the weekend!

  7. Hi Brown Trout Scientists!

    Please add your comments, questions, new data and observations to the new website.

    Sophie, Emma and Tommy — I will show you how to add photos and research on Brown Trout to the website this week.

    Thank you, everyone, for making this site so successful that you need your own website!

  8. Great we are excited to learn how to add photos!

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