Posted by: D. Rand | November 30, 2009

Monarchs and Life in Space!

11/29/09 - Katie, EHGEMS scientist,continues to observe the earth-based development of Monarch caterpillars during the Thanksgiving vacation.

EHGEMS student scientists are following the development of Monarchs here on earth while astronauts on the International Space Station observe Monarchs in micro-gravity!

Katie took the Monarchs home during the Thanksgiving holiday and will return them to school on Monday. “They are growing VERY big and one of them looks like it may start to form a ‘J’ before becoming a chrysalis,” said Katie.



Monarchs in space living aboard the International Space Station on Nov. 29, 2009

11/29/09 – Now, look at the Monarchs in space! These Monarchs are about the same age as our Monarchs at EHGEMS.

There are at least two Monarchs that have formed a chrysalis on the International Space Station just after Thanksgiving Day!

  • How come the chrysalis are not hanging straight down?
  • Do these chrysalis look like the ones formed in your earth-based habitat?
  • Why does the caterpillar “poop” look like it is floating around the habitat?

We hear that student scientists in Suffield, CT have also seen some of their earth-based Monarch caterpillars form a chrysalis. Do these chrysalis look like the ones now living on the International Space Station?

Astronauts living on the International Space Station send a "Happy Thanksgiving!" greeting to the children on planet Earth. EHGEMS students watch and listen to the message and the ISS Thanksgiving dinner menu in the Science Lab.

Students begin to investigate different ways water can be filtered and cleaned on board a spacecraft or space habitat for humans on other planets.

11/18/09 - Tiny Monarch caterpillars are carefully placed in their new habitat. Students will observe these caterpillars and compare changes they see with Monarchs living onboard the International Space Staion!

Three EHGEMS scientists build habitats for the earth-based Monarch observations! Thanks for the help, Fluffy the Science Dog and her friends from fifth grade!

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