Posted by: D. Rand | October 17, 2009

Wind and pelleting rain does not stop scientists!

Scientists brave wind and rain to explore a barrier beach in Virgina

Scientists brave wind and rain to explore a barrier beach on the coast of Virgina. Fluffy The Science Dog's raincoat made from a plastic bag has blown off and does not keep her dry.

Scientists wear special rain gear to work in a Nor' Easter!

These scientists try to stay dry by wearing special rain gear as they study life in the ocean during a powerful storm called a Nor' Easter!


  1. Hey Fluffy the Science Dog! It was nice to meet you in Virginia. I hope to see you on the big screen soon.

    • Hi Ms. Nquyen from the West Coast!

      I have emailed our science video to others but I can not upload it to this word press site.

      -Ms. Rand (East Coast)

  2. Yes that was one crazy storm. It was so nice to meet both of you. Fluffy was sure fun to watch. She was SO excited!

    Have a great fall!!!

    Mrs. Blumer (IL)

    • Hello Illinois Friends!

      Thank you for reading our blog; there will be more photos to come….
      Some of our young students are predicting what we found in our net and the photos of our catch will be posted soon.

      Would you like to see what some of our students caught in a thirty foot seine net off the coast of Connecticut?
      We have come nice saltwater aquariums set up at school with live animals we found in Long Island Sound.
      We would love to hear from some students in Illinois!

      Take Care,
      Ms. Rand, Fluffy the Science Dog and Friends from CT

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