Posted by: D. Rand | July 25, 2009

Sana, the scientist, loves exploring the beach for shells and wonders about animals living under the water!

I wonder how many seashells there could be in the sea?

I wonder how many seashells there could be in the sea?

Dear Fluffy the Science Dog,

Hope you are having a great time in California. Did you go to the
beach there? What interesting things did you see at the beach?

I am having a great time in Florida.
I love picking shells and looking for cool stuff at the beach.

Out of all the shells I collected the Lightning Whelk is my favorite
because I can hear the ocean in it.

I like collecting shells because when you look at them I can’t imagine
that these hard objects were made by little underwater creatures.
There are million of shells and I wonder how many creatures there
could be in the sea?

Did you know that fish were the first things to set foot on land. I
learned this from looking at the discovery channel.

Have a great vacation!



  1. Dear Sana,

    It looks like you have been busy collecting a variety of different types of shells on the beach in Florida. Thanks for sharing your pictures of shells because we do not find many of these types of shells along the Connecticut shore! We do not even have Lightning Whelks here!

    I agree with you; thinking about how these animals can make hard and colorful shells and wondering how many of these creatures live in the ocean really makes my head spin!

    Thanks for sharing your discoveries with me and keep sending photos and comments! I love to hear from kids who discover interesting things and are very curious!

    Fluffy the Science Dog

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