Posted by: D. Rand | July 25, 2009

Brandon’s new invention helps to recycle water and help plants grow!

"Brandon's Summer Invention!"

"Brandon's Summer Invention!"

Dear Fluffy the Science Dog,

I call this “Brandon Hammond’s summer invention!”

It is a plastic meat container that pre-made burgers came in attached to the clothesline with a rubber-band and two clothes pins.
The purpose?
To collect rain water to give to the indoor plants up here in NH at my g-ma’s house.
I can’t wait to try to bring it in! I think I may have to do something about that.



  1. Dear Brandon,

    Thank you for sharing your new invention idea with everyone! It looks like an invention that may help save water on earth and help plants at the same time. I hope your idea may inspire others to work on ways to recycle water like the rainwater your invention collects.

    The world needs more inventions that recycle our valuable resources! Thank you!

    Keep working and playing hard this summer! I hope to hear more of your ideas soon!

    Fluffy the Science Dog

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