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Posted by: D. Rand | December 9, 2014

GEHMS Students Observe Historic Orion Mission Test Flight!

The school was buzzing with excitement last Friday as GEHMS students followed video of  NASA’s first test flight of the Orion Mission! Students watched the exciting blast-off and splash-down of our country’s next vehicle to carry humans into deep space! We might have some future astronauts or engineers here at GEHMS!

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Posted by: D. Rand | October 16, 2014

Small Arthropods Jumping into 2014 Olympics!


Things are hopping in the GEMS Science Lab for Kids as the 2014 Arthropod contestants are run through their paces in events engineered by student scientists and designed to test questions about the adaptive features of a variety of insects from caterpillars to Stink Bugs!

Posted by: D. Rand | October 4, 2014

Exploring Science Outdoors at GEMS!

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Posted by: D. Rand | August 29, 2014

NASA Fluffy the Science Dog Explores NASA



Posted by: D. Rand | June 16, 2014

2014 Boat Regatta: Day #1!

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Thank you to all of our wonderful parent and adult volunteers who help GEMS students develop their engineering, science and problem-solving skills! On a bright, sunny day outside, while the music is playing,  the students eagerly make their own discoveries about water prof materials, balance, weight and boat design and repair! Lots of fun!

Posted by: D. Rand | June 5, 2014

Engineers Get Ready for 19th Annual Boat Regatta!

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Will my boat survive choppy water? Can my boat sail using the power of wind? Can I design a boat to hold the most weight? These are some of the questions student engineers are working on in the GEMS science lab!

Every student in the school is designing and building a boat made out of recycled materials to enter in the GEMS Annual Boat Regatta! Students are also thinking of “cool names” for their boats!

Kid-size swimming pools will be set up outside on June 16 and 17 to test, repair, change and redesign their boats!

Volunteers are needed on June 16 and 17! Contact Donna Rand if you can help.

19th Annual Boat Regatta Schedule:

June 16th

9:25-9:55am       1 Cordova

10:30-11am         K Rau & K Fagan

11:05-11:35am   2 Raffalo

12:30-1pm           K Green

1:10-1:40pm       3 Young & 3 Menon

1:45-2:15              2 Berent

2:15-2:45pm       2 Gosselin


9:25-9:15              PK Shoenfield & 4 Garbart

10-10:30am         4 Saunders & 1 Peach

10:35-11:05         PK Kollmer & PK Sullivan

1:10-1:40pm       3 Lewis

2-2:30pm             1 Mroz & 5 Moore

2:30-3pm             5 Yencho


Posted by: D. Rand | June 5, 2014

Here come the chicks!

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photoTime to go back to the Penfield Farm to run and fly with the other chickens! Thank you to everyone at the farm for giving children a chance to watch the life cycle of chickens as they observed the miracle of tiny chicks hatching and growing right before their eyes!


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