eclipse-partial-4-14-2014-fred-espenak-sq Bell Family Astronomers what the lunar eclipse!

September 27 2015 – A lunar eclipse was viewed from Glastonbury, CT! Thank you to the Bell family for sending this wonderful photo of their family enjoying this spectacular astronomical event!

Posted by: D. Rand | March 23, 2015

GEMS NASA Team Aims GAVRT Instruments at Deep Space!

Congratulations! CT kids worked in the GEMS science lab to take control of an 850,000 pound NASA Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope (GAVRT) located in California! Students connected with NASA scientists via a laptop in the lab to aim the 34-meter radio telescope dish into deep space and collect data emitted from a Black Hole. “We actually saw it move, shouted one excited student!”

A big “Thank you!” goes to NASA and our friends at the Deep Sky Network in California!

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Posted by: D. Rand | March 23, 2015

GEMS Weather Report 3/20/15

Posted by: D. Rand | March 14, 2015

Space News Welcome Home!

Posted by: D. Rand | March 4, 2015

GEHMS Weather Video Update 3/3/15

Posted by: D. Rand | March 1, 2015

Let it Snow!

snow temp boysTaking advantage of the record-breaking winter snow in New England, GEHMS Scientists investigate frozen bubbles, snow crystals, temperature and property changes, evaporation rates, and “cool” shapes experiments all this snow has made possible! You CAN try this at home!


space walk watch

Students watched “real-time” video stream beamed by NASA from the International Space Station as astronauts worked outside the spacecraft during an all-day space walk to update the ISS docking system.

What could be a better way to generate questions about the water cycle, life needs, physics or inventions then marveling at the wonder of astronauts maneuvering around a spacecraft 250 miles above our heads in the extreme environment of space?

Is there water in space? The earth looks blue! What happens if he lets go? How do the astronauts get inside the space station without letting the air out? Are they up there right now? Do the astronauts bring books with them? How do they use the robot arm?

Posted by: D. Rand | February 25, 2015

GEMS Space News: Space Walk Today!

Go to to see live coverage!

Posted by: D. Rand | February 24, 2015



Our enthusiastic GEMS Astronomers will control, from our Connecticut science lab, the NASA Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope located in the Mohave Desert, California on March 17th! This telescope is ten stories tall, 34 meters across and weighs 850,000 pounds! Follow this link to see live video of the radio telescope!

Posted by: D. Rand | February 24, 2015

GEMS Space News!

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